Chinese Knives

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Chinese Knife collections are usually small.

A western knife collection usually approaches 6-8 knives. A Japanese knife collections, particularly for those that do fish and seafood preparation, is much larger - up to 30 knives types. Even within that Japanese knives can be more as each of the 30 can be adjusted depending on the size of the fish cut.

Chinese knife collections are simpler - it's usually 2 knives.

The first Chinese knife that is the one to take if you only have one is known as the Cai Dao. The Cai Dao is the chopper. Strictly it is the vegetable chopper but it can actually chop through anything.

The second Chinese knife is the Cleaver. Side on they look quite similar (both rectangular knives) however they are very different mainly due to the width of the spine. 

A Cleaver will often be 2-3 times heavier than the Cai Dao. The Cai Dao does everything and when hefty works comes to hand out comes the cleaver.

There is more detail about both knives on their independent blogs.

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