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Solingen, Germany.


Company Overview

Böker Solingen was founded in 1869 by Hermann Heuser and Robert Boker. With its famous tree logo, the company offers an extensive roster of outdoor and pocket knives - from tactical and kitchen knives to even delicate razor blades. To date, the company is the oldest pocket knifemaker in the world and largest manufacturer of these knives in the European region. 

Böker Solingen takes pride in its handmade quality workmanship, which is evident in its company-wide lifetime warranty. With 150 years of experience, the company merges its past experience and thrust for global innovation to bring knifemaking into the future.


Knife Types

Böker Solingen is focused on tactical hunting and outdoor knives.


Best known for

Böker Solingen is best known for its sturdy tactical knives. 


Steel Used

For its tactical knives, Böker Solingen uses Aichi’s AUS-8, AISI’s D2, 440A, and 440C, and Takefu’s VG-10 steels. These stainless and semi-stainless steel variants are commonly used for affordable and corrosion-resistant steels thanks to their high Chromium content of 12-18%.


Handles Used

Böker Solingen uses sturdy materials for its outdoor knife handles such as G10 and Micarta.


Sharpening & Maintenance

Böker Solingen knives have widely varying hardness grades which spell the difference between which honing approach to use. Knives using AUS-8, D2, and 440A steels have lower hardness grades of 52-58 HRC which are best suited for the Western Approach, while 440C, VG-10, and 1.4116 steels with 58-60 HRC fit the Japanese Approach. Be sure to hone all knives at their original angle of 15 degrees

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally. A whetstone is the most recommended material for this purpose.


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