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Post Falls, Idaho, USA.


Company Overview

Buck Knives was founded by Hoyt Buck and Al Buck in the year 1902. The company takes pride in its wide roster of standard and custom-made knives, especially in pocket knives for everyday use. It showcases trademarked safety features like its ShiftMechanism to keep knives deliberately folded or in use for a steady slice. The company made waves in the knife industry through a patented heat-treating process for all its knives, allowing the blades to hold its edge for longer while also being easy to resharpen. 

Today, Buck Knives remains a family business, run by the fourth generation owner CJ Buck. Bringing in more than 110 years of experience and craftsmanship, Buck Knives continue to be deemed quality problem solvers for a variety of dexterous slicing jobs. And with its famous Forever Warranty, a Buck’s quality is for life. 


Knife Types

Buck Knives offers sport and field knives.


Best known for

Buck Knives is best known for its folding hunting knives.


Steel Used

Buck Knives is known for using affordable Latrobe 420HC stainless steel in its knives. It also uses Crucible S30V and S35VN steels. What all three have in common is their high chromium content, which make for blades with excellent edge retention and resistance to corrosion. 


Handles Used

Given its specialty in knives for the great outdoors, Buck Knives uses durable materials such as nylon, Micarta canvas, and G10 resin laminates. It also features wooden handles such as ebony for its chef knives.


Sharpening & Maintenance

The best way to maintain a knife is determined by the steel hardness grade and the angle of the knife edge. 

Buck knives have a high hardness grade of 59-61 HRC and an edge of 13-16 degrees. As such, hone the knife at its original angle using the Japanese Approach.

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally. A whetstone is the most recommended material for this purpose.


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