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Berlin, Germany


Company Overview

Chroma Cnife’s worldwide influence starts in its founding in 1989 in Georgia, USA as a producer of Japanese knives. The company later changed hands and is now part of the Cnife GmbH in Berlin, Germany. 

With its signature falcon emblem, Chroma Cnife features a slim portfolio of Japanese knives for professional chefs, as well as affordable Japanchef and Home lines for new cooks. The company has also expanded to children’s professional knives through a “Captain Cook” line and formed strategic design collaborations with famous designers such as Sebastian Conran and F.A. Porsche.

A testament to its quality, Chroma Cnife is used by most of Germany’s top 200 restaurants and is the knife of choice by famous chefs and cooking schools. The company is a three-time winner of the Bocuse d'Or awards in Lyon, rated 4.4/5 by the Swedish Test institute “Test Fakta”, and won the Kitchen Innovation seal in 2012.


Knife Types

Chroma Cnife focuses on creating professional kitchen knives.


Best known for

Chroma Cnife is best known for its Japanese knives through the Haiku line.


Steel Used

Some steels Chroma Cnife uses for its top-tier lines include Japanese 301 stainless steel and Shirokou (White Steel). Its beginner lines use softer steels such as 1.4116.


Handles Used

Chroma Cnife uses durable resins and stainless steel for its handles.


Sharpening & Maintenance

Chroma Cnife knives have widely varying hardness grades which spell the difference between which honing approach to use. Its beginner knives with lower hardness grades of 54-58 HRC are best suited for the Western Approach, while its higher tier lines which reach HRC 64 fit the Japanese Approach. Be sure to hone all knives at their original angle of 15 degrees

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally. A whetstone is the most recommended material for this purpose.


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