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Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.

Company Overview

Corey Milligan founded New West KnifeWorks in 1997 to develop artistic and high-quality knives. These were products of his study of best practices and personal experience as a commercial chef. The knives initially graced galleries and art fairs, then made their way to the kitchens of media personalities and professional chefs.

All knives are proudly USA-made, produced with the company’s “powder metal” steel at its homegrown facility in Victor, Idaho. 

Knife Types

New West Knifeworks is focused on Kitchen and Table knives. 

Best known for

Interestingly, New West Knifeworks is best known for its Western take on the Japanese knife through the Teton Edge Santoku. It also has large and mid-sized chef knives that are versatile from the chopping block to the table. Some fan favorites include their 6” Petty Utility and 5” Chopper knives.

Steel Used

New West Knifeworks uses CPM S35VN steel made by US-based Crucible Industries in Syracuse, NY. This type of steel has higher alloy content than wrought steel. When combined with carbon, this leads to a carbide-rich structure that keeps knives sturdy and holds their edge for long.

Handles Used

Most of New West Knifeworks’ knives are paired with their G-Fusion handles - a resin-based material interwoven with fiberglass. Those looking for wooden handles can also avail of its Desert Ironwood line.

Sharpening & Maintenance

The best way to maintain a knife is determined by the steel hardness grade and the angle of the knife edge. 

New West Knifeworks knives have a high hardness grade of 60 HRC and an edge of 15-20 degrees. As such, hone the knife at its original angle using the Japanese Approach.

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally. A whetstone is the most recommended material for this purpose.

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