12 Rules of the Knife Shed

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

1. The founders of "The Knife Shed" only add knives to the shed we would add to (and use) in our own kitchens and shed

2. For each brand we will limit ourselves to the best 6 knives we can find. Many brands have 50+ knives but if you get the best 6 you can try a few other knives

3. We have a strong preference for local knives over global knives however we do stock both. A Yoyo biscuit (Australian) and the Oreo (American) are both worthy to add your kitchen - knives are no different.

4. For every product we do a "TOP" test before adding or rejecting it from our shed. The "TOP" test is slicing tomatoes and onions then chopping a pumpkin. It is not the offical blacksmith testing method (cutting arm hairs, rope, bottles and bending) as we ran out of arm hairs a few years back.

5. To organise our knives we look at 3 things. Essentially Origin > Brand > Type/StyleFirst we look at what country is it from. Second we look at what company or shed in that country made it. Last we look at the style/shape of the knife itself. This is how we name our products and organise our collections.

6. For every product we add the most important info - Origin, Maker, Steel, Steel Finish, Handle, Shape/Style. For each of these characteristics we add a little more detail on pages separate from the product so you can dig deeper if you need to.

7. We use art as a background (local artists for local knives) when taking photos of knives committed to our shed. This is done to improve the shopping experience.


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