Sorting Knife Collections

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As we grow our shed of knives we have to consider how they are sorted...or the knife shed will become a mess.

1. Start with "Origin"...

The first way we sort is local versus global. Knives made here in Oz and made by people we can meet with and discuss. Quite simply we build a better understanding of these knives by knowing who, why and how they are made. This is how we begun. Despite this there are many more knives we want that are made beyond our borders - we call this the "global" knives - knives from everywhere other than Australia. The first question tells us which country we are looking at.

2. Then look at "Brand"...

Once we arrive in an origin or country we then look at brand. This tells us where the shed is that made the knives. We visualize a map of the world where question 1 - "Origin" tells us which country we are looking at. The 2nd question - "Brand" tells us where within this country the shed (where knives are made) can be found.

3. Lastly we look at "Style"

 Once we are within the shed with the brand making the knives we look at the styles they have. What are their most popular knives and why? What is their speciality. 

Once we decide that we are happy with the origin, brand and style of a knife we then play with it. If we like it (and only if we like it) we add the knife to the knife shed.

If you know of any knives we are missing feel free to ping us and we look forward to doing our tests.

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